Falling Into Autumn

I've been waiting to say that. I can hear the *boo* from here- have a laugh, that's my intention!
My man and I have been busy rearranging. I love rearranging! We had an office that we have made into an exercise room and the office items are now in our larger rec space, having moved the piano to create space. The TV is gone, as is the small hideabed couch and chair. Books have been moved to a spare room- we have a few! A few spare rooms, a lot of books!
My kitchen has had things done that have been plaguing me for a while! I rearranged cupboards and drawers, cleaned and scrubbed and tidied. I love how satisfying it all feels! I make my own all purpose cleaner and so the whole kitchen has a nice minty mist to it. In the midst of all this cleaning and rearranging, we have had another load in the dehydrator and made more applesauce and slices for the freezer from our very abundant apple crop. We have plums that should be ready very soon-- and again, so satisfying! Truly nesting!
When we are away, I can put my home out of my mind and feel refreshed and relaxed, happy to be gone. We had such a great summer this year and I loved our time away. But back to school is a time in my head for rearranging. First day of school I usually clean floors, haul couches out from the wall to vacuum behind, dust ceilings and fans, those kinds of things. I might be found repotting plants or tidying bookshelves, as if those can particularly help me focus. I can't work in chaos, so cleaning, tidying, rearranging and changing things around helps my brain to settle into fcus.
These next few weeks will be busy as we head back into a new school year. My dear man will be back to his job after his summer hiatus. I have two more training sessions in the next 5 weeks and have some big reports to write. We are hiring new staff and planning a new season at our program. So, I needed to rearrange, to clean, too tidy and clear the cobwebs from my brain to help me focus on what's to come.
Do you have particular or peculiar ways to help you as you change seasons? As we head into Autumn, into another busy but fulfilling season, one full of outdoor pursuits, indoor employment and colours changing everywhere, I am reminded that it is a time to truly count my blessings. My family, my growing number of grandchildren, my growing number of loved ones that my children are choosing to spend their lives with, these continue to be at the top of my list of blessings.
For this, I am truly grateful!


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