Fresh and New-rished

I love new- new possibilities, new years, new plans, new intentions. I have an intention for this year, to pay attention to being NOURISHED.
Being constantly replenished is what our bodies do continually, right down at the cellular level. Every day, drinking water takes toxins out, eating foods nourishes our bodies and creates the means for renewal at the cellular level. Our physical demands make use of what we eat, our energy and actions built on the blocks we create through our food and food choices.
I have been thinking quite a bit about how I want to age. I am now a senior in some circles, since I am over 55- and that means I need a different type of nourishment. My brain could be slowing down, my joints and muscles may need more support, my reproductive system has quit reproducing, my eyesight is changing- all of these need to be replenished and nourished!
How do I go about aging gracefully? A few years back I decided I would try to use as few chemicals as possible, both in my h…


A blank page. A busy mind. Burning issues, fingers itching to type-- all good so far! What I CAN'T believe is that I haven't posted for over 3 years. SO MUCH--so very very much-- has happened in that time!
When I last posted, I have two grandchildren. Now I have six! When I last posted, I lived in Hazelton. We then moved to Stewart, sold our FAMILY home, moved back to Hazelton and now? We live in Kitwanga! KITWANGA! We lived here in 1986--and here we have come, a circle we never thought we would close!
But what is burning, what is making my mind busy? I am becoming. One thing I never understood when I was young is, I would continue to 'become'. As I 'mature' (read: age) I find myself finding a focus. A narrowing of field, broadening of mind, deepening of understanding. I like who I am becoming! Sadly, it took over 55 years to LIKE myself, though that in itself is part of that 'becoming', too.
Wisdom Years: quite the title. Since I have had white hair fo…

Falling Into Autumn

I've been waiting to say that. I can hear the *boo* from here- have a laugh, that's my intention!
My man and I have been busy rearranging. I love rearranging! We had an office that we have made into an exercise room and the office items are now in our larger rec space, having moved the piano to create space. The TV is gone, as is the small hideabed couch and chair. Books have been moved to a spare room- we have a few! A few spare rooms, a lot of books!
My kitchen has had things done that have been plaguing me for a while! I rearranged cupboards and drawers, cleaned and scrubbed and tidied. I love how satisfying it all feels! I make my own all purpose cleaner and so the whole kitchen has a nice minty mist to it. In the midst of all this cleaning and rearranging, we have had another load in the dehydrator and made more applesauce and slices for the freezer from our very abundant apple crop. We have plums that should be ready very soon-- and again, so satisfying! Truly nesting!

Cloudy with Sunny Periods

That title pretty much sums up my last few days. I have been in a quiet mood, enjoying time alone, time at home, taking care of a few things and mostly, taking care of my nest.
The summer has been awesome in every single way. Beginning with the arrival of our beautiful granddaughter, it has been full of celebration and joy! Doula trainings, birthing classes, plans for Fall and upcoming anniversary celebrations have rounded things out nicely.
But in each and every moment, whether at home or at work, my mind and heart seem to be centred on birth. Birth is, as you know so well, my passion. This passion has been deep within me for so long, starting with my own births then followed by supporting others. I have been looking for births to attend, births to support, supporters to support and education to confer. I learn so much from each person I speak with, where their journey has taken them, what birth has taught them and how they learned such amazing truths.
Truth. Truth is what much of my…

Dog Days are Done!

Leaves quietly make their way south, turning in their time and falling soundlessly. Colours are changing from vivid to vibrant and with them, we change our activities from outdoors to in. The last few days have meant that our nights are cooler, quilts on and blankets for feet when we watch a movie or read a book. But what a summer it has been!!
Our summer started with a new addition, fruit of our womb and blood of our blood. Mo chuisle. A bright and shining star in the universe! Celebration of life is my passion and it is, as I have said many times, more than what I do, it is who I am! We adore this wee Miss, adore her and her parents completely! When we think on all of our blessings, we are grateful to overflowing for all the gifts that come straight from our children. They are becoming 'family' themselves, expanding on what we started close to thirty years ago.
My lover, best friend, chosen partner, father of my children, husband and I spent a bit of our summer exploring. We…

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay....

Trying something new here, posting from my iPad! Our holiday has done wonders. I feel rested, refreshed, relaxed and renewed! Sunshine, beaches, breezes, paddling and visiting with my lovely family- what more could I ask for?
We spent time with my mother in law on the way, having spent the night at my brother's home. We are so blessed to have family that are happy to see us when we turn up very late at night! The long drive south was hot and sunny and hasn't changed much since we got here. We have done some shopping, some visiting, some eating and some walking here and there. Planning for a few nights out in the kayak, we have looked at charts and maps and bought foods that will work. A fishing trip this morning was fun, with limited success but maximum satisfaction!
Most of all, this time away gives my love and me some time on yet another adventure! We like adventures, enjoy time together and are so excited to see areas yet unexplored by us! My childhood included so much time…

Doula Daily

So much has happened since I last posted. In fact, a year has! My grandson is starting Kindergarten in the Fall--and he has been joined by a precious cousin! We have a girl! And I am over the moon in love! Business as a doula is doing well and it too has been joined by a cousin. I have started to do DONA Approved training now, so others can become birth doulas. This dream has been a long time coming for me. Dear readers know how much passion I have for all things birth, all things life! I have spent time training for this, studying and learning and becoming. It transpires into sharing with others, all that has made me ME.
It has also been a year of struggle in so many ways. With my dedicated passion for life comes a passion for people. People means relationships take precedence and I have had one major relationship in my life become my greatest struggle ever. My grandson knows when he breaks something or ruins something, he asks forgiveness. I have told him that things are NOT importa…